Our Weekend in Pictures

April 14, 2014
This week/weekend have been one for the record books.

My sweet baby girl and I flew into Utah Tuesday afternoon of last week and we have been constantly going ever since.

The first night after we landed, Famous Julie, my favorite red-head, baby girl and I went to the Jazz game.

I had gotten these awesome noise canceling ear muffs for baby girl, but she didn’t even end up going into the arena, so we’ll save those for the next slightly inappropriate place to take babies to.

While the Jazz may have lost this game, I almost added another addition to my family in the form of a very hairy mascot.

It was one of the first nights I had spent time away from my baby girl, and I couldn’t get my mind off of her. (The pathetic part about this is that she was still in the same building, just in a back room snuggling with Famous Julie)

As I was sitting watching the game, wondering how my baby was doing, the Bear came up with a single rose and sweetly handed it to me. I smiled and said thank you and he left to go carry on with his shenanigans.

A few minutes later he came back with a bunch of roses and handed all of them to me. I laughed and took them and once again told him thank you.

A few more minutes passed and he came back with a wreath and placed it around my head. Once again I laughingly thanked him and he ran away.

Next thing I knew he was approaching me once again carrying a four foot tall fake christmas tree. By this time me and all those around me were laughing hysterically. I thanked him for what I thought was the last time as I had no more hands for anymore gifts.

A few minutes passed by again, and I heard the crowd beginning to laugh. I looked to my left to see the Jazz Bear carrying a 12-foot-tall potted tree that was easily 50+ pounds toward me.

He slammed it down onto the court in front of me and through the laughs I managed to tell him that it was my most favorite tree that anyone had ever given to me. He ran away into the tunnel once again.
A few seconds passed and I saw the bear headed my direction one last time.

That time his gift was much smaller.

I laughed and pointed to my ring and told him that while his was much bigger and much more plastic-ky than my ring that I was already taken.

By this time the shenanigans had made it onto the jumbo-tron and the entire arena was yelling at me to take the ring.

He walked away defeated after a few seconds, so I jumped up and gave him a hug.

He took the opportunity to throw me over his shoulder and haul me off the court with him while the crowd laughed and cheered.

It was such a fun night, and the bear successfully distracted me from worrying about my baby for a few minutes.

The next day, we spent the majority of it shopping for the finishing touches for our family pictures the following day.

Baby girl was a little trooper after being drug in and out of stores for hours and hours.

She’s my favorite shopping buddy!

The next day we had family pictures done.

Here’s a sneak peak into what can be expected.

These beautiful pictures were taken by Christie from Beyond the Darkroom Photography.

You need some photos taken? She is your girl!

She was awesome and nice and made everyone feel so comfortable.

I can’t wait to see the rest of them!

The NEXT day we were up early to attend our sweet niece’s baptism, and then later that SAME day we blessed our baby girl.

Baby girl wore the same dress that I was blessed in 22 years ago.

Mr. T gave her a beautiful blessing, and it was a wonderful day surrounded by friends and family.

We are very lucky.

Now you know why this little blog has been neglected for the past few days.

Also, If you need me, I’ll be in a coma.

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