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Cullera I’m Taylor Thurston, a self proclaimed chocoholic and professional baby toe-nail clipper. I’m a wanna-be domestic goddes stay-at-home mom with a love for all things food and drink. When I’m not running around after Baby Girl at the splash pad, you can find me in the kitchen licking the cake batter off of my spatula.

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Here you can find some of my culinary adventures, and all of my kitchen mishaps. My love for cooking did not begin at a young age. In fact, the only reason I know a thing or two about food is because my mom drug me into the kitchen kicking and screaming. If it wasn’t for her persistence I would probably be boiling over a pot of Kraft mac & cheese as we speak. Everything I know about cooking comes from her. I don’t claim to know it all, but I can promise we will have a laugh or two over spilled milk along the way.

I firmly believe that anyone can cook if they truly believe in themselves. I also firmly believe that any pizza can be a personal pizza if you truly believe in yourself, BUT… here you will find recipes that anybody can make, with ingredients that are easily found. 

I truly understand how busy life can get. I also understand that sometimes dinner is made with a baby in your arms and a toddler wrapped around your leg. I work hard to bring you recipes that are simple and can be made with your favorite 35 pound ankle weight. If you’re feeling a little more elegant, you can also find recipes that will tickle your fancy without breaking your bank. 

All you need to know about me is, I have an inexplicable love affair with all things that sparkle, Garth Brooks songs make me weep and my camera roll is way too full of pictures of Baby Girl and embarrassing #tbt’s.

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If pinning was a career I would be filthy rich and I would use all my money to pay someone to wash my dishes. I proudly hail from the Utah bubble where I live with my meat-and-potatoes loving husband and my chocolate covered baby. Together we are conquering the yard one weed at a time.


My hunger (ha) to learn more about cooking is the fire that keeps this blog train moving. I hope you’ll join me as I am constantly challenged, occasionally engorged and continually learning how to play with my food.